Research Evidence into Policy Programmes and Practice cropped-screenshot-161.png

The Greentown project is part of REPPP, a project to significantly improve the evidence base in relation to youth crime policy making in Ireland. The project, which was launched in September 2017, is fully funded by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs. Sean Redmond, a civil servant from the Department of Children and Youth Affairs, has been seconded for three years to lead this project. The REPPP project is a new type of venture, moving from a relationship with government departments based on commissioning individual research projects to a longer term strategic relationship, jointly tackling complicated policy challenges. Sean will outline the background to the REPPP project, its emerging multi-faceted work-plan, and opportunities for colleagues to support and collaborate with the project.

Under this research strategy, the School of Law at UL is committed to breaking down the narrow confines of discipline specialism to provide integrative and holistic research possibilities that are translational in character. As a multidisciplinary project, REPPP seeks extensive contributions beyond the more specialised legal sphere.